Art and Space

Finding the right place for art work within a room is not an easy task. There are a few key factors that must be kept in consideration during the design process. Mike Arendt, an in-house designer, is a supporter of the idea that the placement of artwork should be pre-meditated before a purchase is completed.

Arendt has proven to be a reliable designer. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, which makes him more than certified. He dedicates his career to guiding clients on the right path to their dream home. His reputable advice and his yearning to work with the clients’ best interests is why he is highly valued at Wenz.

Knowledge about art work placement is a trait that is strongly encouraged by Arendt. When you introduce a new piece of work into your home, it needs to be placed strategically. The piece should be placed in relation to other art work, edges, door openings, and corners of a room. When pieces are clustered too close to each other, an overwhelming feeling of tension is created. Arendt explained that ‘tension’ is a factual term used to describe the crowded look that is produced when objects are not placed accordingly. To ensure that this tension is not relevant throughout a room, it is important to give an adequate amount of space in the surrounding area of the art work. However, there is no standard amount of space, it is merely a personal preference.