Balancing Acts

In order to create vibrancy and personality throughout a room, a mixture of elements is required. Whether it be multiple sized pieces, mixed patterns, various textures, or solid colors, the appropriate mixture of these traits will give a room a polished and appealing atmosphere.

Our in-house designer Mike Arendt has returned to offer his validated advice on the subject of mixing pieces. Arendt is a trustworthy designer, and applies his Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design to all aspects of his career. Whether it be colors, sizes, or placement, Mike Arendt is a well-rounded designer that is knowledgeable in multiple facets of furniture.

Creating a vibrant room is all about balance. If there is too many different patterns, colors, sizes of furniture, etc. , it will be overwhelming. However, if a room appears to only have a single tone, it will have a bland atmosphere.

For example, if every piece of furniture in a room has drastically different patterns, a chaotic and unorganized atmosphere is perceived. The correct way to introduce multiple patterns in a room would be to have ones of the same concept, and in various sizes. If multiple patterns are not desired, another option is to have some solid colored pieces, with smaller patterned accent pieces.. These ideas will keep the thematic presence of patterns relevant without an overwhelming tone.

Patterns are not the only way to successfully create a vibrant room. Textures, sizes, and colors are also applicable. To learn more about how you can utilize these features in your home, give Wenz Furniture a call today at 920-406-1800.