Furniture at a Price

During the summer season, many people spend their time outside. Especially because Wisconsin winters are so harsh, many choose to soak up as much of the sun that they can get. But more importantly, they are seeking to have a laid back and comfortable summer experience. Comfort is hard to achieve without the proper tools. It is very common for people to purchase low-end furniture to use outside. This habit is problematic because not only does cheap furniture lack the capacity to be comfortable, but it is not very durable. Mike Arendt encourages people to purchase higher-end furniture, for their own benefit.

Outdoor Furniture

Mike is a designer at Wenz Furniture. He graduated from University of Wisconsin – Green Bay with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design. His reputable advice is highly valued, and he is always willing to work in the clients’ best interest. Every aspect that he recommends is always to benefit each client’s personal lifestyle and preferences.

Mike explains that many people will purchase high-end furniture for the inside of their home because that is where more time will be spent. The small window of time that makes up the warmer seasons, causes people to purchase cheap alternative pieces of furniture. This trend is detrimental financially, and functionally.

Cheap furniture is not functional because of its lack of durability. The saying, “You get what you pay for,” is proven true by furniture mishaps. Those that opt for cheaper outdoor furniture will see that these pieces were not made to withstand outside conditions. Rain, heat, sun rays, and dirt are examples of what outdoor furniture should be able to endure. Low-end furniture will be easily damaged by nature’s elements.

The low-durability trait leads to the idea that purchasing cheap furniture is financially irresponsible. If furniture keeps getting damaged, then more must be purchased to replace it. It is an endless cycle of consumerism that will not work in the customer’s favor. By purchasing high-end outdoor furniture, the chances of having to re-purchase pieces are eliminated, which will save money in the long run.

Owning outdoor furniture that is built to last is nothing but beneficial, both functionally and financially. You will be comfortable while you are outside, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your furniture will be able to endure and last. Having high-end furniture will keep you comfortable, in all aspects.