Room for Rugs

Designing a room is difficult when you are doing it on your own. Buying the furniture and other pieces for a room is easy, the hard part is figuring out how to arrange them. The goal of a room is to be appealing to the eye, but also suitable for a lifestyle. One way to accomplish this goal is to introduce a rug into the room. But this is also easier said than done. There are different ways that the rug can be organized in relation to the furniture. Desiree Nasto offers some credible advice on the subject of rug and furniture placement.

Desiree graduated from Fox Valley Technical School with an Associate’s degree in Interior Design. She has a career path that is devoted to making fashion meet function, and always works in her clients’ best interest. Her main goal is to design rooms so that they are appealing to the eye, but also suitable for her clients’ lifestyles.

There are three main ways that furniture can be placed on a rug:

All on

For this idea, a large area rug is preferred. There should be at least 12 inches of floor around the rug’s border, and each room is different so a rug will have to be chosen accordingly. This type of placement will give a room a plush and luxurious feel because of the texture and size of the rug.

All of the furniture’s legs should be on the rug, which is why a large rug is recommended. This look works better for a larger room because there is more space. A smaller room would be inefficient because it could appear somewhat crowded.


All off

This placement would work better for a smaller room because it requires a smaller rug. The rug should be small, but should still be relevant. If the rug is insignificant then it might have an awkward appearance. For sizing, the rug should appear like it could touch the front legs of furniture but is not quite there. This means that no legs of furniture should be touching the rug.

Front on

Only the front legs of any furniture should be placed on the rug. Again, a smaller rug would be preferred for this look. This placement provides a feeling of openness because the rug and the furniture are not completely together, which leaves more room.

Each placement option has its restrictions, so it’s important to know the size of the room you are designing, the amount of furniture you have, and the size of the rug. When these three features are calculated, you can choose which placement works better for you.